Abhi launches Essentials of Handset Design in Delhi, India

Abhi signing copies of the book in Delhi, India.

Watch Abhi talk about the book, as well as further information about his social entrepreneurial enterprise Zone V which is designing a range of handsets for the visually impaired and seniors markets globally.

Next Generation Mobility

Next Generation Mobility – written by Abhi

I recently attended a panel session on next generation mobility during the ICT summit at the British Business Embassy on 3 August 2012 in London. In the panel were senior executives from Samsung, Huawei, ARM and Qualcomm and so a very good representation of major mobile eco system players.

Key take away points for me during the panel session and earlier presentations during the day were:

The importance of seamless connectivity and user experience across multiple platform devices

Earlier in the day I heard some interesting stats:

 “ 60 per cent of TV viewers check their mobile phones during the break”

“ 80% of people have a mobile phone next to them when watching TV”

Since all the companies represented in the panel session have technology or devices supporting the mobile, tablet and smart TV viewing experience it was very refreshing to hear the emphasis on simple and intuitive experiences that the user could experience when engaging with one or two of the platforms in the home environment.

The Internet of Things will provide greater interaction also greater power usage

Tim Watkins of Huawei stated that by 2020 there will be 50 Billion things connected across the internet unified communication network. Warren East of ARM and Enrico Salvatori of Qualcomm followed up by saying how they are making great advances in providing more power efficient processing to handle the demand of the smart devices. It was also acknowledged that as processing power within handsets was advancing at fast pace developments in battery management was relatively behind and needed more attention.

Viewing the smart devices as a direct channel to the end user:

Andy Giffiths of Samsung UK very made it very clear that with the large portfolio of smartphones, smart tablets and smart TV’s Samsung works closely with selected apps, services and content provides to ensure focus on a deeper and direct end user experience rather than a diluted experience through too much content and services.

Overall, I came away quite excited knowing that the leaders in the mobile industry were thinking very carefully on how to provide more choice, greater connectivity and interoperability amongst devices although this would need equal support from the network carriers, governments and content providers to deliver exciting future digital mobile experiences.

From left to right in the panel session:

Moderator: Professor Joe McGeehan, University of Bristol

Andy Griffiths MD Samsung Electronics,

Tim Watkins VP Huawei Europe

Warren East CEO, ARM

Enrico Salvatori, SVP & President Europe, Qualcomm