About Book

Discover what is involved in designing the world’s most popular and advanced consumer product ever – the phone in your pocket.

With this essential guide you will learn how the dynamics of the market, and the pace of technology innovation, constantly create new opportunities which design teams utilize to develop new products that delight and surprise us.

Explore core technology building blocks, such as chipsets and software components, and see how these components are built together through the design lifecycle to create unique handset designs.

Learn key design principles to reduce design time and cost, and best practice guidelines to maximize opportunities to create a successful product. A range of real-world case studies are included to illustrate key insights.

Finally, emerging trends in the handset industry are identified, and the global impact those trends could have on future devices is discussed.

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The book is organised as a set of reasonably stand-alone chapters, as follows:

Chapter 1 – Beginnings  takes us on a tour of how the mobile handset has developed from the very first “brick phones” to contemporary sleek smart phones, and the factors which have influenced the rapid transformation of the mobile handset.

Chapter 2 – Design Influences identifies and describes the most significant influences which design teams consider when planning the overall design of a new product.

Chapter 3 – Design Architecture takes a number of different perspectives on how a handset is constructed and put together.

Chapter 4 – Hardware Design examines all of the core hardware components of a handset and the design issues and influences which hardware designers consider.

Chapter 5 – Software Design examines all of the core software components of a handset and the design issues and influences which software designers consider.

Chapter 6 – Product Design takes us through the whole process of designing a handset from, concept to mass production, in a step by step fashion.

Chapter 7 – Future Trends takes a view of technology and design trends and what our handsets might look like and how we might interact with them in the near future.

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