Ch 4 – Hardware Design

This page contains some information and links of interest, related to the hardware design of mobile handsets. We’ll aim to add further links over time, so check back in from time to time!

Read much more about this topic in Chapter 4 of Mobile Handset Design.

Mobile Development and Design

A website covering news around mobile development and design

Semiconductor Industry Roadmap

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) is an industry body that “seeks to ensure cost-effective advancements in the performance of the integrated circuit and the products that employ such devices, thereby continuing the health and success of this industry”. The roadmap for many aspects of the semiconductor industry, including process geometries, are captured on their website within the latest version of the Technology Working Group Reports (end of 2011).

Chipset differentiation

An article which looks at how one chipset supplier, Qualcomm, adds differentiation to its chipsets, whilst building on a common ARM microprocessor architecture.

Envelope Tracking

Want to know more about Envelope Tracking? The OpenET site is a great resource.

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