Ch 6 – Product Design

This page contains some information and links of interest, related to product design of mobile handsets. We’ll aim to add further links over time, so check back in from time to time!

Read much more about this topic in Chapter 6 of Mobile Handset Design.

Design-led Culture

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating article featuring one of our book reviewers, Frank Nuovo, ex Chief of Design for Nokia.

Frank Nuovo, the former chief designer at Nokia Corp., gave presentations more than a decade ago to wireless carriers and investors that divined the future of the mobile Internet.

More than seven years before Apple rolled out the iPhone, the Nokia team showed a phone with a color touch screen set above a single button

Frank Nuovo describes how in the late 1990’s Nokia secretly developed a device that had most of the features of the Apple iPad but never made it to market due to the corporate culture. In Chapter 6 of Mobile Handset Design, we cover the importance of design-led culture at the top of senior management,  in order to support the introduction of new innovative designs into the market place rapidly.

Software Integration in the Product Lifecycle

In this fascinating blog, Sony Ericsson take the lid off what is involved in taking a new release of the Android operating system and creating an integrated tested software upgrade for a mobile handset.


This looks to be an important announcement from AT&T about their in-store eco-ratings on AT&T branded postpaid mobile devices.

Handset Testing

Here is an example of how mobile devices and networks are tested in the USA.

Retail Channel

The Cherie Blair Foundation is doing important work to enable women entrepreneurs. Here is an in depth report (PDF) on women entrepreneurs in mobile retail channels.

The expansion of the mobile industry across developing and emerging markets enables a number of social and economic opportunities. In addition to the benefits that mobile technology provides, mobile network operators (MNOs) themselves can offer many opportunities for basic employment and entrepreneurial activity. Some women have been able to benefit from these opportunities, while many others remain marginalised. (From the executive summary).

The Shape of Thing to Come?
A student at MIT has created a “do it yourself” mobile phone kit

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