Ch 1 – Beginnings

This page contains some information and links of interest, related to the history of the mobile handset. We’ll aim to add further links over time, so check back in from time to time!

Read much more about this topic in Chapter 1  of Mobile Handset Design.

There are many heros in the evolving story of the mobile handset – here are historical perspectives from some of the industry giants (alphabetically listed): AT&T, Bell Labs, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm.

Here’s an interview with Martin Cooper, who made the first ever cellular phone call in 1973, using a device he and his team had invented at Motorola.

There are some wonderful old photographs in this photographic history of the cell phone from ‘Time’ magazine, and ‘The Telegraph’ has photos of the 20 best-selling mobile phones of all time.

You might be interested in PC World’s take on the 50 greatest gadgets of the past 50 years, and their thoughts on the DynaTAC 8000X being one of the ugliest products in tech history (but it was a technological marvel!)

Finally – fancy collecting retro phones? – check out Retrobrick – pictures and basic phone specs of that phone you used to own. On a related theme, need to know how to use the phone – read this retro manual on using a (wired) telephone from the 1940’s.

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