Ch 3 – Design Architecture

This page contains some information and links of interest, related to the design architecture of mobile handsets. We’ll aim to add further links over time, so check back in from time to time!

Read much more about this topic in Chapter 3  of Mobile Handset Design.

One of the topics we talk about in Chapter 3 is a product teardown, which is one way to get a view on the architecture of a handset, albeit from a very “outside looking in” perspective. Check out this teardown of the iPhone 4S from iFixit.

Here is an idea of the BoM (Bill of Materials) of the iPhone 4S, referenced in the book where we get a view on the makeup of a handset from a component cost perspective. In the book we look at costs beyond the physical hardware components, including such items as software, intellectual property, manufacturing and distribution costs.

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