Here are some upcoming events which we are or have spoken at and think are really good, or we are involved with in some way (and are hopefully really good too!)

University College London, 7th November 2103

“The Impossibility Machine” (Peter)

“Creating the Dream Product” (Abhi)

“Inventing the Future” (Peter)

Abhi and Peter provided a set of three short lectures to Masters and PhD students in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at UCL, talking about the incredible industry we have the privilege to work within, the amazing products and how they came about, and an exciting look at the near future. Our goal was to inspire the next generation of innovators to build their own careers in what we think is probably the most exciting industry imaginable – touching the lives of billions of people around the world. Our talks were described afterwards variously as “unbelievably inspiring”, “interesting, intriguing and inspiring”, “interesting and enjoyable” and “truly inspiring” – we really enjoyed giving the talks enormously too!

Cambridge Wireless User Experience SIG – 23rd May 2013

 “Context Awareness as the Digital Sixth Sense: The User Experience Challenge”

Peter spoke at this event on “Providing mobile devices with a sixth sense”.

Cambridge Wireless Future Devices SIG – 21st May 2013

‘Home is where the Hub is – the battle for control of your home’
This is the launch event of the recently re-branded Future Devices SIG (formerly Handset SIG). This half day event will take a look the battle going on between service providers, consumer electronics companies and smart metering companies to earn the right to manage connectivity into and within your home.

Abhi and Peter are co-chairing this event held at Accenture in London, on behalf of Cambridge Wireless.

Cambridge Wireless User Experience SIG, 23rd May 2013

‘Context Awareness as the Digital Sixth Sense: The User Experience Challenge’
Billions of connected devices, input from multiple sensors, and sophisticated new software are at last making the long promised context awareness concept a reality. This “digital sixth sense” is beginning to enable portable devices to learn to predict the user’s needs in real-time, even without a specific request from the user. Although such capabilities are expected to bring great benefits to peoples’ daily lives, the user experience provided by this new form of mediated interaction between users and devices will take time to evolve so that users are truly comfortable with it.

This half day event will explore the challenges, opportunities and potential pitfalls we face with the help of experts in mobile technologies and the “Internet of Things”.

Peter is speaking at this event on the topic of ‘Providing Mobile Devices with a Sixth-sense’.

Sensors and Mobile Devices – 4th December 2012

From the Sensors and Instrumentation Network.

Sensors and Mobile Devices is an event gathering a range of hardware and software developers of mobile and distributed sensors to discuss sensing limitations, future directions and the technology requirements to get there.

Peter spoke on the topic of ‘Improving Device Performance through Contextual Awareness’.

Cambridge Wireless Handset SIG – 18th October 2012

“‘The Smart Journey – a smooth path or a bumpy road?
This half-day SIG will examine the latest key device-side technology enablers that could help make smarter journeys a reality, in essence providing users with smart travel assistants significantly improving everyone’s travel experience.”

Abhi and Peter co-chaired this event, held at Deloitte in Cambridge, on behalf of Cambridge Wireless, and Peter spoke on the topic of: “Intelligent Devices – Smart Journeys“. Business Weekly covered the event in an interview with Abhi.

The presentations from this event are now available.

Cambridge University Press had a stand at this event, where The Essentials of Mobile Handset Design was on display

Abhi and Peter at Deloitte, Cambridge

Mobile User Experience (MEX) -19th-20th September 2012

“MEX is 2 days where 100 of the brightest minds in mobile user experience learn techniques, define best practice and create new ideas”

Here is the video of Peter speaking on “It all depends on the context – design challenges for contextually aware devices” at the 11th MEX event on held on 19th and 20th September 2012, supporting the Contextual Awareness pathway. The MEX organisers Marek Pawlowski and Andrew Muir Wood did a fantastic job of organising and running the event, and they have produced a very good write up of the event, with Peter’s contribution summarised as follows:

Peter Whale, Director of Product Management at Qualcomm, explored how contextually responsive digital experiences must take human emotional characteristics if they are to succeed. He summarised these as ‘Mentor, Hope, Love and Trust’, referring to how context aware systems should learn, demonstrate their education and work transparently to establish a close bond with users.

The enablers of context aware computing are arriving, with Qualcomm supporting always on sensors and power management at chipset level. However, despite his engineering background, Peter emphasised the importance of looking beyond what might be technically possible and instead addressing more immediate concerns, such as how the failure events inevitable in any new technology could be gracefully managed with minimum impact to user experience.

7th CMAI India International Communications Fair 2012 (ICOMM2012) – 14th-15th September 2012
“Over the past 7 years, ICOMM has grown into a world leading trade show that offers the best venue for overseas Mobile, Tablets, Consumer Electronics manufacturers to exhibit the latest products and technologies.  ICOMM2011 focuses on  Telecommunication Devices, Mobile Phones, Parts, Components and Accessories,  Digital Devices, Tablet PC  etc. The show is to showcase the huge output and vast innovations taking place across every facet of this industry.”

Abhi attended ICOMM2012 which was held in the NSIC Expo Grounds in New Delhi, India from September 14th-15th 2012. Further

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