“…I have learned a lot from this book…is an enjoyable read and contains many valuable lessons on product development. This book is also a comprehensive, albeit, high level, tour of cell phone hardware, software, and networking. I think this book would be very useful to engineers, educators, and marketing people.”

IEEE Microwave Magazine, Alfy Riddle

“The mobile phone has transformed the world. Not only has it delighted consumers in the West, but it has been at the heart of a bottom up innovation revolution in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Naha and Whale, in their various roles throughout their varied careers, have been a central part of this revolution and will continue to shape it in the future. This book draws on their rich experience. It is a remarkable resource for all (and there are many) who have an interest in mobile handset technology.”

 Jaideep Prabhu, Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise, University of Cambridge Co-author of Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth

“Mobile handset design is incredibly important, affecting the lives of most of us, and the fate of major corporations. This year there will be more handsets than people on the planet. Handsets are one of the most ubiquitous artefacts made by man, yet their inner workings are magical and mysterious to many. Starting from a historical perspective our two wizards take the reader step by step through an overview of the internals and the design process before concluding with a chapter on future trends, which alone is worth buying the book to read. Essential for anyone in or interested in the mobile industry.”

 Jack Lang, University of Cambridge

“As an interested amateur in the mobile world I found it fascinating to learn of the history and evolution of this simple but powerful tool which has transformed our world.”

 Cherie Blair, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

“Well done! It’s highly informative and incredibly detailed. Design of mobile devices requires a complex and seemingly endless series of deeply varied and dynamic considerations. Few people can appreciate the incredible team effort required to create a truly winning solution. This book shares the multitude of layered technologies that have been at the core of my evolving world as a mobile design leader.”

Frank Nuovo, former Chief of Design at Nokia and Co-Founder of Vertu Nokia

“Mobile phones now have 500,000 times as many transistors as the first working device in the early 70’s. But as this book shows, it is possible to understand the whole process of designing one of these extraordinary machines. Taking an ‘holistic’ approach, Abhi Naha and Peter Whale touch on all aspects of mobile phone design, whether it be branding, software, electronics, functionality or project management, and they show that good design requires thinking about the issues from many different points of view.

We are entering a new era of open hardware and software, where new gadgets will be brought into existence by groups whose members are distributed around the world. This book sets out not only how to design one of the 6 billion phones on the planet today but also points the way as to how many will be designed in the future. A must read for anyone interested in mobile handset design.”

David Cleevely, Chairman Cambridge Wireless

“The book describes in a clear and concise way the extraordinary progress in handset design over the last two decades. If as a student or practising engineer you need to know how one of the most important components of the global digital infrastructure is engineered then I would recommended this book. Some of the most popular handsets are described and put in context. The crucial role of design is emphasised and future trends and development paths are enumerated. An excellent read about an indispensable piece of equipment for everyone”

Andy Hopper, Cambridge Computer Laboratory

“Tens of thousands of mobile handsets have been launched; yet mere dozens have become spectacular successes. Each triumphant handset has shared one key attribute – good design, inside and out. Good engineering matters little if its functionality is rendered inaccessible by flawed interface design. This book is a useful, comprehensive guide to the myriad factors that collectively create a winning design.”

Paul Lee, Director | Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Deloitte Research | Insights , Deloitte LLP

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