Smartphone Design

Author’s Note. For the purposes of the book, we decided to stick with the term ‘mobile handset’. We recognise that in some places this isn’t the normal term used (for example in the US ‘cell phone’ or ‘cell’ is more common, in Germany ‘handy’ is the common term etc), but we felt that using one consistent term throughout the book was necessary.

Equally, the term smartphone has come into common parlance in recent years, although it  has been used for much longer within the industry as a whole. So we have embraced the term smartphone within the more general term of Mobile Handset. Therefore if you are looking for information on how to design a smartphone, we believe the Essentials of Mobile Handset Design is still the book for you!

Just for fun and interest, here is a recent article showing 25 years of handset (or is that cell-phone?) design in Japan.

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