Mobile Handset and Smartphone Design

Welcome to Mobile Handset Design, providing essential resources for everyone curious about the fascinating and rapidly changing world of mobile handset and smartphone design. This site is a companion to the book “Essentials of Mobile Handset Design“, and contains supporting material organised by the themes of each chapter of the book, an author blog, and a range of other useful resources.

This site and the book,  are authored by Abhi Naha and Peter Whale, and we’ve both been deeply involved in many aspects of the mobile phone industry for more than twenty years, ranging from the first consumer GSM phones in the early 1990s, through to the sleekest contemporary smartphone. All views expressed reflect our personal views and do not necessarily represent those of our employers.

Essentials of Mobile Handset Design – The Book

Essentials of Mobile Handset Design, published in August 2012,  is the latest in the Wireless Essentials series from Cambridge University Press. You can purchase the book via all major on-line retailers including Amazonor direct from the publisher here. Check out our Amazon Reviews as well as what others within the industry and beyond are saying about this book.

The Essentials of Mobile Handset Design is a much needed book that explains in a very understandable way, all that is involved in designing a modern mobile handset, be that the latest smartphone, or the simplest “talk and text” device.